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Ilona Biro

Writer, Editor, Content Marketing

Award-winning writer with focus on personal finance, travel and lifestyle topics. Content marketing writer/project editor for top tier brands (Philips, TDBank, Indigo)

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Open house article

20 Questions to Ask at Your Next Open House

A scorching hot real estate market isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes nerves of steel to bid on a home, cross your fingers, wait for phone calls, drink too much coffee/wine/whiskey, only to find out (usually late at night), that you’ve been outbid. Instead of feeling cheated, remember there are always more properties coming onto the market every day. Promise yourself to take full advantage of the next open house by asking the listing agent these 20 questions:

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Do your kids have tenants insurance? Didnt think so.

Most college kids (and first-time renters), are too distracted to think about getting tenants or renters insurance - but they should.